“How can we achieve genuine self-government and escape unwanted dependency on outside decision-makers?”



Whether the Tribe is already in or contemplating a business venture, we have diverse strategies for corporate and business development to be tailored to the culture of your Tribe. Let us help your Nation or Tribally owned business to improve its economic ability to sustain your people, achieve sociocultural goals and support your sovereignty and governing processes.

Our Sioux City law firm, Omaha law firm, and Sioux Falls law firm represent tribal clients and their tribal enterprises in matters ranging from business formation to complex business transactions Our Omaha attorney, Sioux City lawyer, and Sioux Falls attorney teams will be here for you every step of the way.

Contact our team of tribal attorneys today to help your Nation or Tribally owned business.

What we do.


“How should a tribal government enter into business?”

There are several options: a tribe may enact a Section 17 corporation under the Indian Reorganization act; or, establish a tribally-chartered corporation under its own corporate laws. It could even buy an existing business. Our team of Sioux City attorneys, Omaha lawyers, and Sioux Falls attorneys will help you to set goals that will ensure indigenous control within a certain framework that carefully specifies who makes strategic decisions and who makes managerial decisions. Call us today to get started!

“We already have a casino. What kind of business will be in harmony with our culture?”

A business in harmony with the culture is a business that fits with the shared values of the community. For example, a tribal community that values restoration of its native lands may determine to create a land enterprise with the goal of recovering ownership of and jurisdiction over its lands within the reservation by purchasing and developing fee land within its reservation. Contact our firm today!

“How do we protect tribal sovereignty in contracts?”

Insist whenever possible on forum and jurisdiction with the Tribe! Call us today for a better understanding of what you can do to protect tribal sovereignty in contracts!

“How do we create conditions in which our people can meet their economic needs?”

Determine development goals and ensure governance environment can support the same. Contact our team of tribal attorneys today to help your people meet their economic needs.

“How do we keep those in charge of our businesses from using power for their own needs to the detriment of the Tribe?”

To be successful, the governing institution must have legitimacy with those being governed, meaning an effective system of checks and balances. Call us today to help your tribal businesses.

What we offer


Our team of business attorneys can help your tribal businesses with various business needs. We can help make big deals happen! Since 2009, we’ve done over 2 billion dollars in deals and we aren’t stopping anytime soon. From mergers and acquisitions to business formation and buying and selling companies, we help business owners and tribal entities with a variety of transactional matters designed to close the best deal possible.

How we can help:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Purchase agreements
  • Technology protection and licensing
  • Real estate
  • Contracts
  • Non-compete
  • Executive compensation
  • Financing
  • Franchising
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Exit planning
  • Business formation
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Tax
  • Contracting with Federal Government

An effective way to achieve genuine self-government and to exercise sovereignty is to establish laws and codes for their respective communities. Call our Sioux City Law Firm, Sioux Falls Law Firm or Omaha Law Firm today to help with your code development!

Under the Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO), it is required that all employees whom operate a business on reservation give preference to qualified Indians seeking employment. Call us today for a better understanding of tribal employment!

How we can help:

  • Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO)
  • Employee benefits and options
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • Stock-Based Qualified Plans
  • Compensation systems
  • Executive compensation
  • ERISA Litigation
  • Employee Benefits Disputes
  • Health and Welfare Benefits
  • Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Benefit Plan Governance
  • Employee Benefits for Governmental & Tax-Exempt Employers
  • Profit-Sharing & 401(k) Plans
  • Development of employment training programs
  • On-site employee training
  • HIPAA Privacy & Security training
  • OSHA & Workplace Safety training
  • Management Training
  • HR Advising
  • Preventative Practices
  • Anti-harassment Training
  • Guidance on employee retention
  • Diversity strategies
  • Corporate diversity counseling
  • Company branding
  • Defense claims and litigation involving:
    • Fair Labor Standard Act (including wage and hour and exempt employee issues)
    • equal pay
    • employment discrimination (based on race, sex, sexual harassment, pregnancy, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, age, and genetic information)
    • harassment claims
    • retaliation
    • wrongful termination
    • unemployment compensation
    • Employee Retirement Income Security Act
    • FMLA
    • Employee Fraud
    • OSHA
    • EEOC
    • State civil rights commission responses
  • Employee policies
  • Employer best practice policies
  • Employee manuals
  • Employee management handbooks
  • Promotion policies
  • HIPAA Privacy & Security
  • Family & Medical Leave Act
  • OSHA & Workplace Safety
  • Personal Time Off (PTO) Plans

Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, Indian gaming is protected as a means of generating revenue for your tribes, however this allows a certain framework to be placed around tribal gaming by the federal government. Call us today to learn more about tribal gaming rights.

Taking land into trust is an important function and huge step in tribal self-determination. As these trusts are a primary focus of tribal authority, our team understands just how important they are to you. Call us today to learn more about land use and fee-to-trust!


Completed formation of Tribal Entity to limit its liability in major contracts and proactively limit exposure for pre-formation activities.

Utilized construction law expertise to assist a Tribal client in the rebuilding of a casino and Tribal housing destroyed during state-wide flooding.

Enacted corporate business and non-profit codes, resulting in the establishment of a Bank Holding Company and Tribal Economic Development Corporation.

Secured a recurring grant for an Office of Child Support Enforcement resulting in increased employment for the Tribe, enhanced enforcement or child support orders, and retention of jurisdiction of the Tribe.

Overhauled vendor and entertainment contract procedures for a Tribe’s Casino, which improved efficiency, resulting in labor and cost savings.

Negotiated on behalf of Tribes with government agencies.




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