Client Testimonials and Results

"They Inspire You to Dream Bigger!"



Brad Moore, President of Sterling Computers

"Goosmann Law Firm is a model of integrity, professionalism, and class. As our business has grown and expanded over the years, they have been a consistent source of dependability and expertise. Their team consists of top-notch attorneys who understand the complex demands of the tech and business world—and our goals within it."

Josh Nelson, CEO of Great Lakes Communication Corp 

"These guys rock. The Goosmann Law Firm team is a good return on your legal investment. The Firm has been a valuable source for strategic legal advice for both me and my business. I feel confident and assured as a CEO and business owner knowing that the Goosmann team is on my side. Jeana is an entrepreneur, trial attorney, and savvy risk-taker. When I have a question, Goosmann takes the time to explain the delicate web of complex laws to me in plain English. Jeana helps guide me to make the best business decisions by factoring in not only the law but the political and industry landscape. The firm zealously represents me whether we are in my local city hall getting a permit or in a federal court battling with global corporations. Every CEO has a secret element to help them be successful, Goosmann Law Firm is mine."

Nick Alvarez, Risk Manager at Petco Animal Supplies, Inc. 

"Goosmann Law Firm helped us receive a favorable ruling on a motion for summary judgement. As a Risk Manager and working with local counsel on our legal matters, I know how uncommon these judgements are. The case was complex with lots of twists and turns, and the Goosmann team navigated us through the entire process seamlessly. Their technical experience and skill showed throughout the case and was evident in our favorable result. They made sure we were informed of each step of our case, dates, and deadlines. I greatly appreciated their willingness to be flexible and always being available to jump on a call with myself, our general counsel, or claims examiners to discuss strategy. I highly recommend Goosmann Law Firm and their outstanding team. They know what they’re doing, I thoroughly enjoy working with them, and they deliver."

Matt Buley, CEO of Hope Haven

"My experience with Jeana and her team at Goosmann Law has been exceptional. We've engaged attorneys in important matters at Hope Haven and I've used one personally as well. Excellence is woven into their culture from the top down. Goosmann Law has elevated the support and protection of our mission to serve thousands of people with disabilities each year, and we're proud to work with them."

Dennis Johnson, Chief Investment Officer of Ho-Chunk, Inc. 

"Jeana is an outstanding “connector” of people and opportunities.  She introduced us to a business opportunity that has turned into a highly strategic component of our overall business.  Her high energy, creativity, and strategic focus has benefited our business immensely and we have been blessed to work with her!"

Neal Greenberg, Partner & Director of CFO Systems      

"Having moved my out-of-state client from another Omaha law firm to Goosmann Law, I had a chance to test our attorney and the firm. One Sunday, my client called me wanting to make significant changes to his trusts and wills by Wednesday (in 3 days). I emailed his attorney, he emailed back that evening, and my client had the changes by Wednesday when he went to the Mayo Clinic for a significant surgery. I was so impressed; I moved my personal legal work to Goosmann."

Kyle Kelly, Realtor & Broker at Century 21; Owner of Kelly Construction, Inc.  

“I consider Goosmann Law Firm more than a law firm. They are a trusted partner in my businesses. Jeana and her team have a unique ability to look at issues through the eyes of a CEO to deliver the best possible outcome. Jeana’s laser-like focus on our goals and objectives has helped fuel our continued growth. I wouldn’t want anyone else on my team.”

Brian Crichton, CEO of Cannon Moss Brygger and Associates   

"Goosmann Law's attorneys are very knowledgeable, they take the time to listen, and they genuinely want my company to succeed. I rely on their advice in countess ways and am very pleased to have them on my side."

Skip Perley, President & CEO of TEC Corp.   

“The Goosmann Law Firm has been very helpful in three recent Real Estate deals and I look forward to future work with them.”

Joseph Bowser, Member & Attorney at Innovista Law, PLLC  

“I have retained Goosmann Law Firm as local counsel in telecommunications and general business matters. They are diligent and reliable and provide solid legal advice and insights into local practice. I would not hesitate to retain them as local counsel in the future.”

LaNay Welch, Associate Broker 

“Goosmann Law Firm is very professional and easy to work with!”

Teresa Weaver, Transaction & Closing Coordinator    

"Amazing group of people to work with! Very positive and willing to do whatever is needed to make the transaction as smooth as possible."

Alex Imming, Real Estate Agent 

"Goosmann's closing/real estate group is a very friendly group of people who takes pride in communication and professionalism. My clients and I have always had a good experience with Goosmann, and I would highly recommend realtors and others to seek out their services."


“I was very pleased with the service and advice you gave us. During red-hot chaos, you were the voice of reason. Although we wanted more–as I imagine each parent does–you correctly advised us of what was do-able for getting a parent to enter into an agreement. The week-to-week arrangement has worked reasonably well and when things start getting crazy, we have a document with teeth in it to get things back on a workable track. One thing I’ve thought about several times since then is that I had never had reason to have an attorney, but now that I have one, I can rely on, it feels good and comfortable!”

Mike P.

“Your representation for my mother’s estate was great, because of all of the interaction I had been involved in with my job with attorneys I had a distaste and dread of having to deal with anyone in that profession, you and the Goosmann Law firm changed all of that, you were professional, caring, always had time for me and just handled all of the problems that we had settling the estate very well, and the fees were very reasonable. The experience changed my mind on lawyers and is the reason I used the Goosmann firm to not only help me get my estate planning in order, when I sold and bought a house there was only one call to make and that was to the firm to make sure all was Ok. Thanks again to you and all at the firm, it was a good experience and I am glad I choose Goosmann Law. And will continue to use and recommend whenever I need an attorney.”

Steve R.

"As an owner of multiple businesses, properties and investments, I was very concerned about putting together a simple, yet comprehensive estate plan with my complicated portfolio. The Goosmann Trust Law Counsel team took the time to step-by-step discover, understand, research and explain all my options and together we came up with an excellent creative plan that meets all my wishes. My estate plan was put in place quickly and met my expectations and time frame. I really appreciated the personal attention, open communication, and friendly help throughout each step of the process. With my intricate plan in place, I now emphasize the importance of setting up a detailed estate plan to everyone and would highly recommend the Goosmann Trust Law Counsel services."

Ron and Nadine R.   

"Please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude for helping us with our estate planning. The amount of time, talent and professionalism displayed by all was above perfection. Lawyers that listen, execute and advise on our desired wishes was refreshing. We felt that all our needs were completely met. Deployment is stressful enough, and the burden of having this done in a timely manner will ease our minds immensely."

Dick and Lori S. 

"As a business owner, my business deals happen quickly, and I appreciate the prompt support and response I get from Goosmann Law Firm. I took confidence in knowing the firm is full-service and that the legal team works together internally to ensure as my businesses change, they are also considering my estate plan. The firm worked efficiently to get our estate plan completed and I appreciate that the Trust Law Counsel team is there for to help us keep our estate plan current. I would highly recommend working with an experienced, full-service law firm like Goosmann Law Firm."

Bill and Heather B.    

"The Goosmann Trust Law Counsel team made it easy for us to get our estate plan in place. For the normal person, this is a complicated process which was made easy and less stressful by their team. They listened to us, provided thorough communication, and walked us through the process, step-by-step. We understood our options and know our final plan meets our goals. We are happy we chose to work with Goosmann Trust Law Counsel."

Milton and Linda J.    

"I would recommend Goosmann Law office and counsel to anyone. The staff did a great job. Worked around our time schedule and walked us through every step. A very thorough job. Thank you, Goosmann Law Firm, - it will make us and our daughter's job so much easier down the road."

Stephanie J.  

"I worked closely with the Goosmann Trust Law Counsel to prepare a living will, as I travel a fair amount and wanted to make sure all loose ends were tied up. Goosmann did a great job of guiding me through the process and asking me the right questions that helped me to think bigger picture and more long term. I see Goosmann Trust Law Counsel as a trusted advisor and am looking forward to a longstanding relationship with the team."


"After surviving the Vegas shooting, it became even more important for us to put our affairs in order. Not only for our children, but for the many businesses we own. Goosmann walked us through the process and made it super easy and understandable. Highly recommend the team at Goosmann."


"Thank you for all your work through this deal. I'm happy I had the better attorney. You did a great job."

Chad and Cat M.   

"For several years, my husband and I discussed the need for having a will. This summer, we were directed to Goosmann Law Firm to seek advice in this regard. Goosmann made this experience easy in that they were both professional and knowledgeable regarding explaining the process of estate law. Their replies were prompt, and we both highly recommend contacting Goosmann for estate planning. Thank you also to the staff - all were friendly and kind."

Randy H. 

"We want to commend the fine work of Andrew Simpson and his team in handling my mother's estate. Andrew educated us in the processes and procedures to close the estate, helped handle questions from the other benefactors, and was consistently prepared to help us as we closed the estate. Andrew is personable, an effective communicator and an excellent lawyer we highly recommend. While it was a difficult path, he assisted us in a patient, positive and constructive way. "Five stars" for Andrew Simpson and Goosmann Law!"

Daniel R. 

"I had an issue before the courts that required immediate intervention. I contacted Goosmann Law Firm and Anna recognized the urgency behind the issue at hand. She worked very quickly to help make sure I was taken care of, always keeping me in the loop as to what was happening, with the help of Autumn who was instrumental in getting me the information I needed. Anna was able to get my case out of the courts and into private negotiations. In the end, she helped me save thousands of dollars that would've otherwise been forfeit. Beyond her legal help, Anna was also just a great person to have on my side! She was easy to talk to about my issues and had a great sense of humor which I really appreciated. If I ever have need for representation in the future you can bet that Anna and Goosmann Law Firm will be my first call, I'd recommend they be yours as well."


"I had an issue that required very quick movement to make sure they didn't end as a default judgement against me in the courts. I worked with Anna here in Sioux Falls, SD. She recognized the urgency immediately and went to work negotiating for me to help get the issue taken care of. Through her partnership with myself and the other party, Anna was able to help me save thousands of dollars that would've otherwise been lost to me. Anna kept me in the loop as to what was going on so I was never wondering. If I did have a question, she responded very quickly. All of this was at the beginning of the pandemic, meaning that there wasn't any face to face contact until the final business was taken care of, and I still felt like they were giving me their full attention. Besides all the professional stuff, I really enjoyed talking with Anna as she also has a great sense of humor that I wasn't expecting. I'm unable to speak about cost, as I have a legal plan which helped pay for mine, but based on my experience, I'd absolutely recommend Goodman Law Firm here in Sioux Falls, SD, and specifically Anna. Autumn was also extremely helpful in keeping me informed through-out the process!"

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Disclaimer: Past case results do not indicate the outcome of your case and case results are not typical.

Trial & Litigation

United Specialty Ins. Co. v. AMBE MA Iowa Inc., No. 5:17-CV-04045 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement  Aug. 14, 2018). (Insurance contract dispute).

De Dios v. Indem. Ins. Co. of N. Am., No. C 18-4015-MWB, 2018 WL 3420810 (N.D. Iowa July 13, 2018). (Defense of insurance bad faith claims).

BH Servs. Inc. v. FCE Benefit Administrators Inc., No. 5:16-CV-50545-KES, 2018 WL 3222512 (D. S.D. June 28, 2018).  (Defense of ERISA and breach of contract claims).

Midwest Athletics & Sports All. L.L.C. v. Xerox Corp., No. 8:17CV478, 2018 WL 1400426 (D. Neb. Mar. 20, 2018).  (Defense of patent dispute; local counsel).

Hirschbach Motor Lines, Inc. v. SmartTruck Undertray Sys., Inc., No. C17-1019-LTS, 2018 WL 283261 (N.D. Iowa Jan. 3, 2018). (Prosecution of breach of contract and warranty claims; pending).

Riverport Ins. Co. v. Espinoza, No. C18-4041-LTS (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement July 26, 2018). (Insurance contract dispute).

Sudenga Indus. Inc. v. Global Indus. Inc., No. C18-4024 LTS (N.D. Iowa filed June 25, 2018). (Defense of patent and intellectual property claims).

Sabre Indus. Inc. v. Module X Sols, L.L.C., No. 5:15-cv-02501, 2017 WL 8315675 (W.D. La. Jan 3, 2017). (Prosecution and defense of commercial dispute related to joint venture agreement and trade secrets.)

Haas v. Experian Info. Sols. Inc., No. 4:17-CV-00041-JAJ-HCA (S.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement Mar. 2, 2018).

Vandenberg v. Petco Animal Supplies Stores Inc., No. 17-2580, 2017 WL 4557150 (8th Cir. argued June 13, 2018). (Defense of tort and products liability claims. Briefed case to Eighth Circuit in support of defense judgment; ruling pending).

ConcealFab Corp. v. Sabre Indus Inc., No. 15-cv-01793-CMA-KLM, 2017 WL 6297672 (D. Colo. Dec. 11, 2017). (Defense and prosecution of commercial and trade secret claims related to business acquisition dispute; post trial bench ruling pending).

Larson v. Securiguard Inc., No. 8:17CV52, 2017, WL 3601228 (D. Neb. Aug. 18, 2017). (Defense of ERISA claims).

L&M Ethanol Maint. Contracting Inc. v. Easy Automation Inc., No. 3:17-CV-03085 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement Dec. 4, 2017).

Ameritas Life Ins. Corp. v. Bank of Am. No. 4:17-CV-03128, (D. Neb. dismissed per settlement Dec. 4, 2017). (Defense of commercial claims on an issue of first impression in Nebraska. Helped establish the “no-duty” rule as Federal precedent in the state; this rule stands for the proposition that banks owe no-duty of care to non-clients, including fraudsters and those who have been the victims of identity theft merely because the imposter opened an account at the defendant bank and used this account to perpetrate a fraud.)

Knobloch v. Home Warranty Inc., No. C15-4239-MWB, 2016 WL 6662709 (N.D. Iowa Nov. 10, 2016). (Defense of business valuation and shareholder dispute).

Great Lakes Commc’ns Corp. v. Terrill, 5:16-CV-0408 (N.D. Iowa 2016).  (Prosecution of claims for telecommunications provider regarding zoning and permitting issues).

Aventure Commc’ns Tech. L.L.C. v. MCI Commc’ns Servs. Inc., No. 5:07-CV-04095 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement Oct. 20, 2016).  (Prosecution of Telecommunications Act claims against Interexchange Carriers).

United States v. Thompson, No. 5:16-CV-04075 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement Jan. 27, 2016). (Defense of IRS claims related to research and development business tax credits).

Sioux Pharm. Inc. v. Eagle Lab., 865 N.W.2d 528 (Iowa 2015).  (Prosecuted corporate trade secret case and Lanham Act claims; prevailed on interlocutory appeal to Iowa Supreme Court, regarding disclosure of client’s trade secrets).

Soil Analytics, L.L.C. v. Autoprobe Tech. L.L.C., No. 4:15-cv-104, 2015 WL 12669617 (S.D. Iowa Oct. 26, 2015). (Represented business in patent and breach of contract case).

In re DVI Inc., No. 1:03-BK-12656 (Bankr. D. Del. May 18, 2015).

Littlejohn v. Thompson Elec. Co., No. C15-4013-MWB, 2015 WL 5882975 (N.D. Iowa Oct. 7, 2015). (Defense of employment law claims).

Sioux Pharm. Inc. v. Summit Nutritionals Int’l Inc., 859 N.W.2d 182 (Iowa 2015).  (Prosecuted corporate trade secret case; prevailed on interlocutory appeal to Iowa Supreme Court, regarding personal jurisdiction over international neutraceutical manufacturer and distributor).

Bertrand v. Mullin, 846 N.W.2d 884 (Iowa 2014). (Obtained jury verdict in lawsuit for defamation of client during political advertising campaign for senator. Argued before Iowa Supreme Court; verdict overturned. Filed writ of certiorari with United State Supreme Court; denied).

Waterman v. VS Holding Co., No. 5:10-CV-04038 (N.D. Iowa June 28, 2013).

Braunger Foods L.L.C. v. Sears, 286 Neb. 29 (Neb. 2013). (Successful prosecution of breach of contract dispute; prevailed before the Nebraska Supreme Court and obtained decision reversing Court of Appeal’s refusal to enforce personal guaranty).

Great Lakes Commc’ns Corp. v. AT&T Corp., No. 5:13CV04117, 2013 WL 6846313 (N.D. Iowa Dec. 18, 2013).  (Represented Local Exchange Carrier in complex commercial dispute regarding Telecommunications Act claims; case pending on referral to Federal Communications Commission).

Community Voiceline L.L.C. v. Great Lakes Commc’ns Corp., No. 12-cv-4048-MWB, 2012 WL 6658500 (N.D. Iowa Nov. 16, 2012). (Represented Local Exchange Carrier in commercial dispute.  Resolved following mediation).

N. Valley Commc’n L.L.C. v. Qwest Commc’ns Corp., No. 09-1004-CBK, 2012 WL 6611108 (D. S.D. Apr. 9, 2012). (Represented national conference call provider in multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers.)

Miller v. Opportunities Unlimited, No. 5:12-CV-04058 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement Dec. 31, 2012).  (Defense of Family Medical Leave Act claim and employment dispute.)

In re Iowa Ready Mix Concrete Antitrust Lit., No. C10-4038-MWB, 2011 WL 13150175 (N.D.  Iowa Apr. 25, 2011; class settlement approved by Court).  (Represented lead plaintiff in anti-trust class action; obtaining multi-million dollar 100% recovery for the class and attorney fees).

In re Tier 1 Jeg Telecomm. Cases, Nos. 4:07-cv-00043, 4:07-cv-00078, 3:09-cv-00058, 4:07-cv-00194, 4:08-cv-00005, 3:09-cv-00055, 3:09-cv-59, 5:08-cv-04095, 5:09-cv-04017, 2011 WL 13103367 (S.D. Iowa Sept. 26, 2011).  (Represented national conference call provider in complex multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers.)

United States v. Maassen, No. 5:04-CV-04112 (N.D. Iowa Apr. 27, 2011). (Defense of IRS tax dispute).

Haigh v. Gelita USA, Inc., 632 F.3d 464 (8th Cir. 2011). (Defense of employment claims).

Guinan v. Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc., No. 3:10-CV-03007 (N.D. Iowa July 7, 2011).

Legried Farms, Inc. v. Nuhn Indus., No. 0:10CV04958, 2010 WL 5523091 (D. Minn. Dec. 22, 2010).  (Represented ag dealer in business and franchise dispute with Canadian manufacturer; case resolved at mediation).

In re Meyer, No. 4:10-BK-40672 (Bankr. D. S.D.  filed Aug. 11, 2010).

Qwest Commc’ns Co. L.L.C. v. Tekstar Commc’ns, Inc., No. 0:10-CV-00490 (D. Minn. filed Feb. 19, 2010). (Represented national conference call provider in complex multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers).

Johnson v. Fed. Express Corp., No. 3:07-CV-03052 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement Apr. 05, 2010).

Great Lakes Commc’ns Corp. v. Level 3 Commc’ns L.L.C., No. 5:09-CV-04090 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement June 16, 2010). (Represented Local Exchange Carrier in complex multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers).

N. Valley Commc’ns, L.L.C. v. MCI Commc’ns Servs. Inc., No. 107CV01016, 2009 WL 3103691 (D. S.D. Apr. 10, 2009). (Represented national conference call provider in multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers).

Great Lakes Commc’ns Corp. v. Iowa Utilities Board, No. 509CV04085, 2009 WL 5818638 (N.D. Iowa Nov. 12, 2009). (Represented Local Exchange Carrier in multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers).

Sancom Inc. v. Sprint Commc’ns Co., No. 407CV04107, 2009 WL 4784060 (D. S.D. Oct. 20, 2009).  (Represented national conference call provider in multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers).

In re The Conveyor Company, No. 08-02058, 2009 WL 2776079 (Bankr. N.D. Iowa Mar. 5, 2009) (Represented debtor in corporate bankruptcy and liquidation).

Boone v. Aramark Servs. Inc., No. 404CV90496, 2009 WL 1707652 (S.D. Iowa Mar. 26, 2009).  (Defense of ERISA case involving breach of contract and fiduciary liability claim. Resolved case at mediation.)

In re Medieval Glass Indus. Inc., No. 09-00327S, 2009 WL 3756573 (Bankr. N.D. Iowa Nov. 9, 2009). (Represented debtor in corporate bankruptcy).

Great Lakes Commc’ns Corp. v. Global Crossing Telecomm. Inc., No. 5:09-CV-04056 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement July 31, 2009). (Represented Local Exchange Carrier in complex multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers.  Case resolved at mediation).

Qwest Commc’ns Corp. v. Superior Tel. Coop., No. 4:07-cv-00078-JEG-RAW, 2008 WL 2472889 (S.D. Iowa June 13, 2008). (Represented national conference call provider in complex multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers).

N. Valley Commc’ns L.L.C. v. Sprint Commc’ns Co., No. 108CV01003, 2008 WL 3892593 (D. S.D. May 19, 2008). (Represented national conference call provider in complex multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers).

Mcleodusa Telecomm. Servs. Inc. v. Qwest Corp., No. 106CV0035133, 2008 WL 1756703 (N.D. Iowa Feb. 4, 2008). (Represented Local Exchange Carrier in Telecommunications Act and breach of contract dispute).

Colquhoun v. West Central Coop., No. LACV 020150 (Iowa Dist. Ct. 2007) (Mass action Defense of claims of over 300 plaintiffs for tortious toxic exposure to emissions of hydrochloric acid from plant and defended breach of contract and warranty claims against manufacturer.  Case resolved at mediation).

Estate of Nelson v. Disetronic Medical Sys. Inc., No. 07-3012, 2007 WL 4446611 (N.D. Iowa Feb. 16, 2007).  (Defense of medical devise product liability and warranty claims).

Sprint Commc’ns Co. v. Aventure Commc’ns L.L.C., No. 4:07-CV-00194 (S.D. Iowa filed May 07, 2007).  (Represented national conference call provider in complex multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers).

AT&T Corp. v. Aventure Commc’ns Tech., No. 4:07-CV-00043 (S.D. Iowa filed Jan. 29, 2007). (Represented national conference call provider in complex multi-party Telecommunications Act and tort claims litigation with Interexchange carriers).

Miller v. Smokers Warehouse Corp., 737 N.W.2d 107 (Iowa 2007).

Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc. v. Am. Crane Inc., No. 3:06-CV-03047 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement Dec. 12, 2006).

McLeodUSA Telecomm. Servs. Inc. v. Creative Commc’ns Inc., No. 1:06-CV-00037 (N.D. Iowa Nov. 30, 2006).

Iowa Info. Inc. v. Fujifilm Graphic Sys. Inc., No. 5:05-CV-04139 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement July 17, 2007).

Nat. Riggers & Erectors Inc. v. Merrill Iron & Steel Inc., No. 5:04-cv-04026-PAZ (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement Aug. 10, 2005).  (Represented steel subcontractor in major, multi-level construction litigation and defense of bond claim; case resolved at mediation).

Wells Dairy Inc. v. Am. Indus. Refrigeration Inc., 690 N.W.2d 38 (Iowa 2009). (Represented Wells Dairy in complex commercial litigation involving products liability, tort claims, and breach of contract resulting from explosion. Drafted appellate brief to Iowa Supreme Court on discovery matters).

Rants v. Vilsack, 684 N.W.2d 193 (Iowa 2004). (Drafted amicus brief to Iowa Supreme Court).

Premier Farms L.C. v. Bank of Am. N.A., No. 03-04632S, 04-9035S, 2004 WL 1175223 (Bankr. N.D. Iowa 2004) (Represented claimant in adversary proceeding).

Reiling v. Beurman, No. 3:04-CV-03082 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement Dec. 12, 2005).

Lubinus v. Wright Medical Tech. Inc., No. 5:04-CV-04030 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement Feb. 13, 2004). (Defense of medical devise product liability claims).

In re Marriage of Eastman, 674 N.W.2d 683 (Iowa Ct. App. 2003). (Drafted brief to Iowa Supreme Court).

Kuhl v. St. Gobain Advanced Ceramics Desmarquest, No. 5:03-CV-04099 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement Nov. 8, 2004).

Nat’l Union Fire Ins. v. Terra Indus. Inc., No. 5:01-CV-04091 (N.D. Iowa dismissed per settlement July 23, 2004). (Drafted writ of certioria to United States Supreme Court; cert denied).

Successfully represented physician’s clinic against a bankrupt debtor for fraud in construction of medical facility, trying the case before the Bankruptcy Judge to establish the debt as non-dischargeable.

Successfully represented quadriplegic man in products liability farming equipment accident.

Banking & Bankruptcy

Drafted Certificate of Deposit (COD) agreements and counseled clients on COD matters.

Experience with Collaterized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Collaterized Mortgage Obligations (CMOs), promissory notes and personal guarantees. Presented on UCC matters, written opinions of counsel, and regularly handle and counsel clients on collateralized debt cases.

Experience working with secured and unsecured creditors, the United States Trustee’s Office, the FBI, and the FDIC in conducting bank and bankruptcy fraud investigations.

Obtained favorable outcomes for entities, including national financial institutions, in collection actions.

Provided legal terms and conditions for bank use in online security/privacy customer standards.

Defended secured lenders, unsecured creditors, and other corporate clients in bankruptcy courts throughout the United States.

Represents banking institutions including national and regional advisory fiduciaries, financial advisors, insurance companies, investment and trust companies, and community banks in regulatory, corporate, financing matters, debt workouts, and regulatory and general business matters as well as out-of-court loan restructurings, commercial workouts and bankruptcies.

Obtained favorable results for financial institutions in foreclosures and complex commercial collections.  Successfully represented secured creditors to repossess collateral and UCC matters.

Represents investment advisors, government securities brokers, entities registered pursuant to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Investment Co. Act of 1940, or Investment Advisors Act of 1940, and entities registered under state securities regulations and governed by FINRA.

Chaired the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors and the Liquidating Trust of Deleware Company in Oklahoma Bankruptcy Court in which we recouped over significant assets for the creditors in a complex, highly contested involuntary bankruptcy case.  Multiple adversary cases resolved at mediation.

Represented creditors and numerous dissolving companies and managed debtor creditor, employee and other wind-up issues.


Counseled clients on estate planning matters.

Administrated probates with total gross net estates over $2 million.

Represented co-executor of estate containing significant farmland in a will contest, receiving full verdict after bench trial.

Mediated estate disputes.


Acted as counsel in many business sales and acquisitions; both asset and stock transactions.  Handled mergers and acquisitions involving warrants/rights.

Represented numerous merging companies and counsel on transitional issues.

Experience with commodities, common stock, and corporate bonds.

Experience forming mass and complex companies and counseling clients on corporate matters with preferred stock.

Represented corporations in real estate deals.

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