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“Our organization is experiencing corporate governance and management issues. How can we revitalize our non-profit organization?”

If your non-profit is struggling with governance issues, the problems you are facing start at the top of your organization and trickle down. This can lead to toxic work environments, low employee retention rates, a decrease in donor dollars, unexpected financial liabilities, and possibly even bad PR for your organization. Governance issues can be challenging to overcome, but Goosmann Law is here to help your non-profit focus on your organization's mission. Put your time and efforts into your cause and let us handle the rest. Your mission is worth it.



At Goosmann Law Firm we can represent nonprofit and tax-exempt clients ranging from associations, public charities and private foundations, churches and religious organizations, family foundations, healthcare organizations, and colleges and universities.

Our Sioux City, Sioux Falls, and Omaha law firm teams advise clients on business matters, litigation, governance and management, compliance, social enterprise, donation planning, employment, human resource and board governance matters of concern.

Call us today to help your organization so you can continue with your mission and what matters most to you!

What we do.


“How does our non-profit stay compliant while maintaining its 501(c)(3) status?”

To be a 501c3 organization, there are certain guidelines and tax regulations your organization must be compliant with. We review a non-profit's functions and conflicts of interest, going through the qualifications step-by-step. Call us today to help ensure you are staying compliant with 501c3 rules.

“Our board won’t agree on anything and it's effecting our organization and its success. What should we do?”

If your board members cannot work effectively as a governing body or their decisions aren’t aligning with the mission and vision of your organization, this will negatively impact the organization as a whole. We can help your board by providing advice and guidance. Call our Sioux City, Sioux Falls, and Omaha attorney teams today!

“We are having difficulties retaining key employees, and our work environment is becoming toxic. How do we create a happy work environment, while retaining key employees?”

A low employee retention rate can hurt an organization, especially if your key employee positions are becoming a revolving door. Donors may doubt the sustainability or values of your organization, which can result in lost donations, the exhaustion of training resources, and lowered productivity. Call our Sioux Falls, Sioux City, and Omaha attorney teams today to help increase your employee retention rate and help solve your HR headaches.

What we offer


We can help your non-profit with its legal business needs. From forming your 501c3 to contracts and mergers and acquisitions, we can help!

We can help advise your board of directors on a range of issues. If your board is having problems reaching agreement, contact us today!

Human Resource issues can lead to some pretty big headaches for an organization. Leave the headaches to us! Our Sioux City, Sioux Falls, and Omaha law firm teams can help your organization. Contact us today!

A legal dispute can create worry and chaos for a non-profit. Don’t let a potential bad PR situation take a turn for the worse. Our trial attorneys can help manage your litigation case and provide strategic legal advice for your matter. We aggressively represent clients in litigation, including depositions, mediations and trials. Contact our trial attorneys today!

If audited, we help our client’s organization with compliance matters regarding exempt status, audits and regulatory compliance, and taxes. Contact our team of lawyers today!




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