"How do we protect our school district from liability and lawsuits?"

Students spend nearly all of their waking hours at school, so naturally, parents worry about what happens on school grounds. For this reason, school districts must not only protect their students, but also the well-being of the district itself from liability issues. Let us help you better understand how you can keep your community schools running smoothly and efficiently. Protecting your school district and your students simultaneously- worth it.



Goosmann Law Firm education attorneys understand what it’s like to be a student, as well as a parent of a student. Although legal needs amongst college, universities, school districts, sororities and fraternities are similar, we recognize that unique cases arise and we are prepared to find the best solution for you. We deal with education on a number of levels including Title IX, employee benefits, public finance, investment management, campus security, sexual misconduct and campus security. We work closely with school districts to ensure that intellectual property is protected as well as preventing challenges through legal compliance audits.

Our education lawyers also assist in claims relating to religious affiliation, government relations, public policy, tenure, labor and employment.

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“What laws and procedures does our school district have to follow to remain compliant with financial reporting?”

Each year a financial report should be prepared by the school district in conjunction with GAAP and FASB standards. The report will include things like reporting practices, fundraising, and software applications commonly used in higher education. For help putting together your school district’s financial report, call our Sioux City attorney, Sioux Falls lawyer, and Omaha attorney team today!

“How does my school district prepare a contract for an incoming teacher?”

A contract between school district and teacher includes topics like an offer, acceptance, mutual assent, and consideration. This being said, a teacher’s handbook may also be subjected to contractual rights. Call a Sioux City lawyer, Sioux Falls attorney, or Omaha lawyer today to better understand how to format an incoming teacher’s contract!

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If you yell FERPA in the middle of the woods and no college students are around to hear it, does it make a sound? For most students, higher education means finding yourself, but what if you find yourself in need of legal help? Whether it be defending a privacy violation claim or a discrimination claim, our team is here for you. To avoid legal issues regarding college and university students call an Omaha lawyer and a Sioux City or Sioux Falls attorney today!

School districts perform a balancing act between disciplining students without infringing upon their legal rights. Stop walking a tight rope and call us today to learn how you can remain compliant!




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