Are you a college student, law student, or recent college graduate looking for a rad opportunity to showcase your talents, get real world experience, and learn about the legal industry? Here’s your chance to unleash your awesomeness. And yes, you did just see a law firm use the words "rad" and "awesomeness" in the same paragraph. Now don’t be #basic, be #extra and apply today! (nailed it)

Side note: Our internships are PAID!

At Goosmann Law Firm, we aren’t your typical law firm - we're a unique, rapidly growing firm that celebrates hard work, success, and life’s moments both big and small. We also like to have FUN!! Work in a high-energy, fast-paced, family-friendly environment that encourages and rewards excellence, high achievement, innovation, and professional development. Establish the groundwork for starting a career, grow, learn, and expand your horizons at Goosmann Law Firm. Apply today and find yourself in an opportunity that’s worth it. We bet you won’t regret it!

Are you a student athlete or involved in a ton of student activities? We get that! And guess what...we love that! School involvement shows hard work, dedication, and discipline. We offer flexible work schedules for our interns to work around their class schedules and student and campus activities. Got finals or a big test coming up? Looks like you better study because school comes first! We want our interns to succeed in life, school, athletics, and their internships. We are willing to work with each intern’s unique schedules. Student life is busy, don’t melt down – you got this!

We seek interns who are proactive, creative, socially confident, and driven with innovative out-of-the-box thinking. Internships are paid and there is often potential for advancement within the firm beyond college depending on intern performance. When you join our team, you become a part of a law firm family that cares about people, values diversity, appreciates different perspectives and viewpoints, and embraces our collective strengths and talents.

Did we mention we like to have fun?

At Goosmann, there is never a lack of fun. CEO & Managing Partner Jeana Goosmann values a happy healthy work environment and encourages the attorney team and staff to enjoy their work days.

You will often find firm kiddos running through the hallways, an occasional puppy on Fido Friday in Sioux Falls, goose mascots, team parties, celebrations, pep rallies, and singing (yes, some of our team members like to break into song) – just to name a few.

We enjoy having team get-togethers where we include the whole family. From the firm family picnic to the annual firm Halloween party, we bring to life the meaning of family values and working for a law firm who gets life, business, and the law.


DISCLAIMER: The below testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your internship if chosen as a Goosmann Intern.

Allyssa Stevens

Morningside College Class of 2018, Former Goosmann Intern
“For interns, the Goosmann Law Firm offers an experience that is next to none. With culture and excellence as the main pillars, the firm is built around each staff member’s strengths. Throughout my 3 years at the firm, I was given the opportunity to organize events, prepare for conferences, draft content for various marketing materials, and assist with vital business development projects. Through Goosmann’s hands-on mentorship approach, I learned how to best leverage my strengths to build upon legal, marketing, and business development experiences. I can honestly say that the Goosmann Law Firm provided me with a professional platform that I plan to carry on to graduate school and beyond. I truly believe that this internship helped me grow, not only as a professional, but as a person-Worth It!”

Rachel Schartz

Harvard University Class of 2019, Goosmann Intern
"Working at Goosmann Law Firm reinforced my desire to study law. The internal work environment is built on a culture of excellence, teamwork, and fun. Through dedication to their employees, Goosmann team members offer hands-on mentorship to leverage skills and ensure growth. I became a vital member of the team, from writing articles for publications, visiting with clients, or preparing a case for trial. Interns at Goosmann are not only seeing the inner workings of law; they are engaging with big philosophical and ethical issues that affect the people around them. Through my internship experience, I gained knowledge in marketing, business development, and substantive law, each of which Goosmann stamps with their unique and robust approach. Ultimately, Goosmann interns gain critical skills that set them apart from other students."

Tanner Schumacher

Briar Cliff University Class of 2015, former Goosmann Intern
"The Goosmann Law Firm is a very professional business that offers extremely valuable opportunities to its interns. From the very beginning, I was assigned important jobs to complete that were not simple busy work assignments, but were actually duties that directly related to the success of the firm. The people at Goosmann were great to work with and were always willing to help me out with my tasks. The experience I gained and the knowledge I learned from interning at the Goosmann Law Firm has given me an invaluable set of skills that I could not have received from anywhere else."

Jon Tarpey

Morningside College Class of 2015, Former Goosmann Intern
"The Goosmann Law Firm was a great place for me to have an internship my senior year at Morningside. The Content Marketing Internship was very insightful into the field of legal marketing. Working on content projects was a good test of my writing skills that I had picked up during undergrad. My favorite thing about the internship was the positive and friendly attitude that everyone at the firm helped to create and how willing the firm was to work with my full-time student schedule.”




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