If a hacker breaches the company systems and steals personal details of roughly one million people, would your business be prepared?  

Data breaches and cybercrime are a big concern especially when your business is handling private consumer information whether you are a bank, finance company, credit card processor, or health care provider.  Goosmann Cyber Law Counsel help companies protect their property, resources, clients and name.  Our practitioners have a background in cybersecurity issues, including pertinent government experience as Assistant US Attorneys. Our Cyber Law Counsel also stays up to date with cyber law in the public eye by publishing a weekly blog, Cyber Lawyer, discussing the trending topics in the industry and Sioux City area.

What We Do. 

Breach Response

Goosmann Cyber Law Counsel responds quickly, providing advice on the high-stakes claims, litigation, and regulatory investigations that inevitably arise as a result of a major data security breach.  Whether in the big city or right here in Siouxland, every business can be at risk. We prepare for the courtroom while at the same time providing you solutions to prevent future attacks to minimize the risk to your bottom line.  All the while, we manage the public relations to protect your good name in this time of crisis.

-Claims, litigation, and government investigations arising from data security breaches and any consequential damages

-Regulatory investigations and litigation arising from alleged violations of data privacy law

-Privacy and data security compliance, counseling, response, and prevention

Health care privacy/HIPAA compliance

Privacy and Data Security Compliance & Counseling

We help businesses create data protection compliance programs and conduct privacy and data security assessments in an attorney-client privileged fashion.

Health Information Technology (HIT) & Electronic Health Records

Whether you are a hospital system, provider, physician group, or information technology vendor we can help you to successfully license, design, implement, and operate secure and effective HIT systems. We also counsel clients on how to manage state disclosure and federal accounting requirements in the event of unauthorized system access.

Compliance and Risk Management

Get the advice you need on regulatory and political developments that impact your business.

-establish clear controls to prevent potential violations

-effectively respond to government investigations

-legally comply with notice and reporting requirements

Health Privacy & Security

Our team has health care background and experience advising health care clients on the impact of the regulations promulgated under HIPAA.

Cyber Law Counsel - Sioux Falls Location

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Cyber Lawyer in Sioux Falls, SD

Attorney-Client Privilege

Be certain your investigation and process is protected.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property 

Laws To Know: 

Compliance with all US federal and state privacy and information management requirements, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, HIPAA, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003, the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, CAN-SPAM, state and federal security breach notification laws, state Social Security laws, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and other federal and state requirements.

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Cyber Lawyer