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At the Goosmann Law Firm we provide premier legal services with strategic legal advice.

We don’t just respond to your legal needs, we anticipate them. Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation we provide our “big city” style with hometown service. At Goosmann Law Firm we understand the pace of business and there is never a legal issue too big to conquer. Our legal team brings a progressive approach to the table with our strategic thinking on your side. With our dedicated team of attorneys, Goosmann Law has more than 100 years of legal experience with a rich history that fills our historic downtown Sioux City law firm location. You can also find us at our convenient Sioux Falls law firm location, as well as Dakota Dunes, South Dakota.

Call us today to put us to work for you!  Goosmann Law Firm, On Your Side. 


Jeana L. Goosmann

CEO, Founder, and Managing Partner


Jeana is an entrepreneur herself. She founded the Goosmann Law Firm and serves as the Firm’s CEO and Managing Attorney. Guiding the CEO through their most important matters and helping them make the best business decision the law can offer makes Jeana’s legal advice sought after by the region’s most successful CEOs.

Anthony Osborn



Anthony Osborn is a shareholder of the firm and has significant experience representing individuals and entities in various types of legal disputes and proceedings. Anthony listens closely to his client’s needs to formulate a strategy and help them achieve their goals.

Emilee Boyle Gehling



Emilee is a shareholder of the firm; she makes deals happen. When companies and professionals need their deals to come together, they turn to Emilee to anticipate and meet legal needs, clear roadblocks, and complete the transaction.

Marie Ruettgers

Managing Attorney - Sioux Falls


Attorney Marie Ruettgers is the Managing Attorney for the Goosmann Law Firm’s Sioux Falls Location. Through Goosmann Law Firm’s Cyber Law Counsel, Marie helps companies protect their property, resources, clients and name against cybercrimes, particularly among businesses handling private consumer information such as banks, finance companies, credit card processors, or health care providers.

Bruce M. Smith



Bruce Smith leverages his extensive experience to strategically manage business risk. Bruce proactively identifies issues that affect the bottom line and negotiates to obtain results and achieve client goals.

Christopher R. Barondeau



Chris focuses his practice on family law and ag law. He drove a bomb buggy in the Iraq war when he was 19, so there isn’t much that can get him rattled. When you are experiencing a life changing divorce, Chris is your solid advocate and strong support you need to lead you through the trenches.

Scott Leuning

Attorney - Sioux Falls


Scott Leuning is Goosmann’s health law attorney at the firm’s Sioux Falls location. He focuses on assisting healthcare providers and entities grow their businesses while maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations. Scott is motivated to get client’s problems solved, disputes settled, and helps create long-term relationships with clients based on trust and professionalism.

Breandan Donahue

Estate Planning Attorney


Breandan assists individuals and families in planning their legacy, aiming to protect client wealth, support business succession, reduce taxes and fees, and, ultimately, ensure there is someone to listen to their wishes and implement them.

Dave Crary

Of Counsel Attorney

Dave Crary

Attorney Dave Crary has spent his career as a trial attorney and has over 50 years of experience practicing law. Dave represents individuals and entities in legal disputes and proceedings, and acts as general counsel to various businesses. Dave’s practice areas include but are not limited to general business, litigation, and corporate law.

Premier Legal Services, Strategic Business Advice. 

Practice Areas

Business Law Goosmann Law Firm
Agricultural Law Goosmann Law Firm
Family Law Goosmann Law Firm
Gestational Surrogacy Law
Construction Law Goosmann Law Firm
Litigation, Arbitration, and Mediation Goosmann Law Firm
Banking Law, Finance, Debtor and Creditor Goosmann Law Firm
Cyber Law
Employment Law Goosmann Law Firm
Telecom Law Goosmann Law Firm
Bankruptcy Law Goosmann Law Firm
Real Estate Law Goosmann Law Firm
Estate Planning Goosmann Law Firm
Rapid Response Goosmann Law Firm

Firm News

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CEO on Your Side

Are you a C-Level? Maybe you're a business owner, or want to start something BIG! CEO and Managing Partner, Jeana Goosmann, shares the latest news on business insights and fills you in on those important details to run a SUCCESSFUL business.

Human Resources on Your Side

Are your employees happy? Do they love their jobs and the company they work for? Attorneys Jeana Goosmann and Emilee Boyle Gehling give tips on motivating employees, the do's and don'ts of hiring and firing, and the laws on everything in between.

Agricultural Lawyer on Your Side

Farmer, Green Enthusiast, or Food Manufacturer? Attorneys Jeana Goosmann and Chris Barondeau talk about the latest laws and news updates that affect everything from the farm to the table.

Estate Planning Lawyer on Your Side

It is startling though not surprising that an overwhelming majority of people do not have an estate plan in place! Attorneys Jeana Goosmann and Breandan Donahue, and Executive Director of Estate Planning, Christie Finnegan, tell you what you need to know to ensure your peace of mind.

Health Lawyer on Your Side

Whether you're a healthcare provider or entity looking to grow your business while maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations, this is the blog for you! Attorneys Jeana Goosmann and Scott Leuning share about the latest health regulations and how to keep you and your company compliant.

Cyber Lawyer on Your Side

If a hacker breaches the company systems and steals personal details of roughly one million people, would your business be prepared?! Attorneys Jeana Goosmann and Marie Ruettgers tell you how you can protect yourself and your company from today's growing cybercrimes.

Divorce Lawyer on Your Side

Let's face it, family is important! And at GLF we think so too! Attorneys Jeana Goosmann and Chris Barondeau discuss the law that hits right at home.

Trial Lawyer on Your Side

Get to know about all things involving litigation, arbitration, and mediation. From discussions about high profile lawsuits to getting the most out of mediation, Attorneys Jeana Goosmann and Anthony Osborn blog about what you need to know when you're in front of the bench.

Risk Manager on Your Side

Attention! This blog is ideal for Safety Managers. Attorneys Jeana Goosmann and Bruce Smith keep you up-to-date on OSHA regulations and help prepare you on what to do in case of emergency.

South Dakotan on Your Side

Great Faces, Great Places... South Dakota! Whether you're a resident or visitor, Managing Attorney Marie Ruettgers and Attorney Scott Leuning, tell us everything a South Dakotan would want to know regarding recent laws, politics, and South Dakota businesses.