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Attorneys: Jeana L. Goosmann, Anthony Osborn, Emilee Boyle Gehling, Marie H. Ruettgers, Bruce M. Smith, Christopher R. Barondeau,  Cesar A. Juarez

  • Business Minded

    Goosmann Law Firm Founder, CEO and Managing Attorney Jeana Goosmann understands what it takes to be an entrepreneur and grow a successful company.  Goosmann Law attorneys provide innovative legal solutions to your business issues.

  • Business Divorce

    There’s a reason why commercial litigation is often referred to as a “business divorce”; it’s the legal breakup of a privately-held business entities. Given the nature of the separation, it can be fought with emotional traps, especially if the business involves family, friends, or longtime partners.

    Like any legal separation, a business divorce is as complicated and expensive as the conflicting parties make it. With an experienced legal team at your side, you can approach the task with awareness, thoughtfulness, and efficiency so you can be best equipped for what comes next.

  • Prompt

    At Goosmann Law Firm we have a 24-hour turn around policy for client contact and strive to return all emails the same day.  We understand the pace of business and always cross the finish line.

  • Sophistication with Midwest Rates

    We negotiate sophisticated deals opposite the largest law firms from coast to coast.  Since we don’t charge coast rates, some of our clients refer to us as their “strategic advantage.”

  • We Love Entrepreneurs

    We recognize that entrepreneurs are unique.  That’s why we’re unique.  We are always available via email/cell and pride ourselves on our responsiveness and passion for practicing law.  Goosmann Law will make introductions to the people you need to know.  We’ll do fixed fees through our Foundation Client Program.  We help entrepreneurs succeed.  Review our client testimonials and see for yourself.

  • We Know Your Industry

    Goosmann Law lawyers have business experience in specialized industries, not just areas of law.  We are manufacturing attorneys, construction attorneys, agriculture attorneys, telecommunications attorneys, transportation attorneys; we make our client’s goals our own.  We understand what it takes to be the best in your industry and what issues you are confronted with before we provide you a legal solution.

Goosmann over 2 Billion Dollars in deals

Value from Experience:

Our team represents dozens of business law clients in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions every year.  We’ve closed over two billion dollars in deals in a variety of industries.

Here are a few examples of our work:

  • Representation of a company in its sale for millions plus potential milestone payments.
  • General corporate representation, including strategic investments in numerous private businesses, development deals and financing transactions.
  • Representation of a Multi-National Company in growth transactions including mergers, acquisitions and divestitures; strategic investments involving preferred and common equity; secured, unsecured, and convertible debt; acquisition options; rights of first refusal/negotiation and distribution, manufacturing/supply and IP license agreements.
  • Form new Companies weekly: Limited Liability Companies, General Partnerships, Professional Entities, and Corporations.


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