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Sioux Falls Lawyer in Trucking and Transportation, Litigation, Trials, and Disputes

Anna Limoges is a Sioux Falls lawyer and previous judicial law clerk who breaks up issues before they happen and resolves complex disputes in strategic and creative ways.  As a “Solution Driver”, she helps companies in the trucking and transportation industry find, build, and drive solutions for complex matters from start to finish, or anywhere in between. Anna has a strong voice in disputes and stands up for her clients when conflicts arise.  Her outgoing and determined personality gives her leverage when implementing creative solutions to big problems.


Direct: (605) 275-7986

Office: (605) 371-2000

Cell: (605) 929-9490


Anna became an attorney because complex issues provided her with the challenges she seeks to solve. Her judicial law clerk experience provides her with the knowledge of how a court thinks under a variety of circumstances. She loves her job and has a passion for it. Anna is a unique lawyer, bringing a different perspective on life. She is empathetic to her clients going through difficult situations and stands by them to provide guidance and advice—allowing them to rest easy knowing their problem is taken care of.

No problem is too large or complex for Anna, throw it her way and she’ll break it down and find the solution you’ve been looking for.  Anna’s focus is transportation law as well as trial and litigation resolving business, employment, and contract dispute matters.  Her dedicated and strong-minded approach ensures your difficult legal needs are handled – Worth It.


Practice Areas

  • Trucking and Transportation
  • Trial and Litigation
  • Employment Litigation
  • Manufacturing Litigation
  • Contract Dispute
  • Business Litigation

LICENSED IN: South Dakota

Anna's “Why”

Anna and her husband Brian have two children, Abigail and Devan. Additionally, they have three cats and two dogs that always keep them laughing. Anna and her family live on an acreage, giving her plenty of space to have her own garden and grow fresh fruits and veggies.

University of South Dakota School of Law, Juris Doctor, High Honors, 2017

University of South Dakota Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, 2014

South Dakota Unified Judicial System, Second Circuit Court, Sioux Falls, SD

Judicial Law Clerk 2016-2018

  • Worked directly with circuit court judges in navigating areas of the law and provided recommendations based on extensive research for all types of cases.

Peterson, Stuart, Rumpca & Rasmussen, Beresford, SD

Extern, 2017

  • Appeared for attorneys for hearings, researched for appellate cases, client conferences and did research for civil cases.

Hagen, Wilka & Archer, LLP, Sioux Falls, SD

Clerk, 2016

  • Drafted numerous memos on civil issues, assisted in employment law cases, drafted codicils, client conferences, and assisted in various transactional law projects.

Minnehaha County Public Advocate's Office, Sioux Falls, SD

Clerk, 2015

Ronayne & Cogley, P.C., Aberdeen, SD

Research Assistant, 2015


State: South Dakota

Federal: U.S. District Court, District of South Dakota

  • Anna M. Limoges, Note, Lost in the Locality Labyrinth: A Search for the Appropriate Legal Malpractice Standard Set Forth in Hamilton v. Sommers, 61 S.D. L. REV. 108 (2016) (cited in 5 RONALD E. MALLEN, LEGAL MALPRACTICE app. A, B (2017 ed.)).
  • John “Jay” Elliott & Anna M. Limoges, Deserts, Determinacy, and Adolescent Development in the Juvenile Court, 62 D. L. Rev. 750 (2017) (cited by Brad Taylor, Return to Rehabilitation: Illinois’ Evolving Juvenile Sentencing Practices in Light of Miller v. Alabama, 43 S. Ill. U. L.J. 403, 433 (2019)).
  • William F. Day Award 2016-2017
  • Dean’s Leadership Award 2017
  • Pro Bono Honors
  • Harvey Jewett Exceptional Law Review Service Award 2017
  • Third Place Negotiation at Regional Transactional LawMeets Competition 2017
  • Everett Bogue Scholarship, Full Tuition Scholarship 2016-2017
  • Joseph N. Spencer III Memorial Student Writer’s Award 2016
  • Regional Transactional LawMeets Competition Semi-Finalist 2016
  • Lawrence L. Piersol Scholarship 2016
  • President of Public Interest Network 2015-2016
  • Public Interest Network Scholarship 2015
  • Quarter Finalist Sam Masten Competition 2015
  • Treasurer Public Interest Network 2014-2015
  • Civil Pattern Jury Instruction Committee with the South Dakota Bar Association
  • Women in Law
  • Young Lawyers Association
  • South Dakota Second Circuit Bar Association
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