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“I’m starting a real estate development venture and need an attorney to review zoning and easements on the property before I purchase and begin construction.”

You’re ready to begin your next real estate adventure, purchase, begin construction, and make it your own. Don’t let zoning issues, easements, and agreements slow down your project. Think about where you’ll put the furniture, paint colors, and which corner office has the best view - we’ll take care of the rest! Worth it.



If real estate development is part of your everyday life, or you’re purchasing your first property, we are here to answer your real estate questions and find strategic solutions for your real estate needs. If you’re looking for a Sioux City attorney, Sioux Falls lawyer, or Omaha attorney who prioritizes and understand your goals, keeps up with the pace of business, launches your project into action, and makes deals happen, contact us today!

Goosmann real estate attorneys represent clients in a wide variety of real estate transactions, from major and complex real estate transactions to first time purchases. We represent sophisticated developers, corporations, individuals and new property owners. Our attorneys have received praise from clients for our ability to get deals closed advantageously and efficiently.

Attorneys at our Sioux City law firm, Sioux Falls law firm, and Omaha law firm advise clients and draft documents for real estate transactions involving acquisitions and dispositions, development, financing, leasing, restructuring and workouts, zoning, land use, debt, regulatory and environmental issues. In addition, our real estate attorneys will work with landlords and tenants relative to, for example, the preparation of lease agreements, covenants, and collection matters.

Goosmann Law Firm can assist clients in all aspects of distressed real estate, from providing sound solutions to restructuring issues, to identifying creative opportunities to take advantage of distressed property and foreclosures. We are a law firm with a real estate and insolvency practice – an ideal combination for restructuring distressed real estate.

Our full service law firm offers fixed fee title opinions to help create an easier and simpler process for you, your real estate agent, and banker.

We’ve done over two billion dollars in deals and are experienced in all aspects of the real estate industry.

Call us today to bring your real estate vision to life.

"I consider Goosmann Law Firm more than a law firm. They are a trusted partner in my businesses. Jeana and her team have a unique ability to look at issues through the eyes of a CEO to deliver the best possible outcome. Jeana’s laser-like focus on our goals and objectives has helped fuel our continued growth. I wouldn’t want anyone else on my team."

Kyle Kelly

President of CENTURY 21 Prolink & President and Manager of Kelly Property Advisors, LLC
"The Goosmann Law Firm has been very helpful in three recent Real Estate deals and I look forward to future work with them."

Skip Perley

President & CEO of TEC – Corp.

Disclaimer: The following testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

What we do.


“I own a rental property and am having problems with my tenants. What legal rights do I have to kick them out?”

If you’re a landlord, you want to avoid tenant drama as much as possible. A bad tenant can lead to profit loss on your investment property, headaches, and liability issues. When you’ve found yourself with a difficult tenant you want them out as soon as possible. Before you make a legal mistake, contact us to help navigate the laws, remain compliant, and resolve the problem.

Read our blog here.

“I’m buying a home and need someone to review my purchase agreement, abstract, and title.”

Purchasing a home can be an exciting time in life, however with it comes the stress of paperwork, inspections, moving, and possibly selling your previous home. Let us do the heavy lifting. We can review and draft your purchase agreement, abstract, and title. Contact our Sioux City law firm, Sioux Falls law firm, and Omaha law firm today!


“I own a century old family farm and want to pass it on to my children, how do I divide up the farmland to my kids?”

Keeping things fair amongst the family can be difficult. It can be a touchy subject for some and we understand how important it is to you that the memories of the home stay within the family. Our real estate and estate planning attorneys work together to develop a fair plan for you and your children. Enjoy your time with your family at the farm and worry less about the future knowing you already have a plan in place. Contact our Sioux City lawyer, Sioux Falls attorney, and Omaha lawyer team today to help you pass on the family farm.

“I’m a landlord for multiple investment properties and need an attorney to protect myself and my properties.”

Owning multiple investment properties is a big taking, and we are here to help protect you from tenant and property nightmares. Is your investment property costing you more money than anticipated? Contact us today to help you save money, strategize with you about investing, resolve tenant issues, and protect your property.

I co-own a lake home property with a family friend. How do I protect myself against liability?

It’s quite common to co-own a lake property. This is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a lake home with a reduced cost. To find way to reduce liability on a co-owned property, contact us today to help answer your questions, reduce risk, and protect your property, family, and wallet. Watch our video on co-owning property.

I want to renovate a historic building for my new restaurant. What laws do I need to follow when renovating a historic building and how do I protect my business?

Restoring historic buildings is both a noble and massive undertaking. Giving a historic building a little TLC means more than a can of paint and refinished flooring. There are laws established regarding what you can and cannot do to a historic building during renovations. Our team of attorneys has experience with historic buildings and have purchased and renovated two historic downtown Sioux City buildings. Ensure your construction project is meeting code and you’re following the law. Giving an old building new life should be rewarding, not a legal nightmare! Call our Sioux City law firm, Sioux falls law firm, and Omaha law firm today to help you with the laws of your historic renovation.

“I want to buy a commercial property for my business, what legal documents do I need and what should I be looking for?”

Commercial property comes in all shapes and sizes. You want the property that will best fit you and your business. Our team of real estate attorneys has extensive experience helping clients purchase commercial property. We know the key items you should be looking and watching out for. Contact our Sioux City attorney, Sioux Falls lawyer, and Omaha attorney team to help you find the perfect property for your business and to implement the deal!

“My business is expanding and I want to develop an addition to our current downtown building. Where do I start?”

Have you outgrown your space? We know the feeling! Developing an addition onto your current property seems like a simple task in theory; but in practice, there are numerous variables to consider. For example, some properties will require the permission of city leaders due to zoning. If you need a variance or easements for your property, contact us today. Our team of real estate attorneys will find strategic ways to meet common ground in your real estate issue.

“I want to appeal my commercial property tax.”

Our team of attorneys can help you appeal your commercial property tax. If you feel you’ve received an unfair and inaccurate property value assessment, contact us today to analyze if there may be an option for appeal.

What we offer


Are you a real estate developer? Our team of Sioux City attorneys, Sioux Falls lawyers, and Omaha attorneys can assist and strategize with you to keep moving forward with your next real estate venture!

Let us assist you with:

  • acquisitions and dispositions
  • development
  • construction
  • financing
  • leasing
  • restructuring and workouts
  • zoning
  • land use
  • regulatory and environmental issues

When purchasing, selling, or leasing a property you need a legal agreement to help protect yourself and the property. Although most people don’t find contracts fun to review and draft, we love it! Contact our Sioux City lawyers, Sioux Falls attorneys, and Omaha lawyers today to help with your purchase and lease agreements.

Our team of real estate attorneys is ready to review your abstract and draft your title opinions. We offer a fixed fee for all our title opinions to simplify and ease the process. Call us to help with your abstract review and title opinion.

Bringing an old building back to life should feel rewarding, noble, and put a smile on your face. We want to help bring your vision to life helping you navigate the laws of the real estate world. Give that historic building the TLC it needs and call our team of real estate attorneys today.

Investment properties are supposed to be an investment, not a money pit. We want to help you keep more money in your pocket and less down the drain. Contact us today to help with your legal needs for your investment property.

Let us assist you with:

  • Lease agreements
  • Tenant disputes
  • Property tax appeal
  • Zoning
  • Easements
  • Land use




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