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When one thinks of a lawyer, most imagine the television kind. The Atticus Finches and the Perry Masons, not your behind-the-desk, paper shuffling types.

They are trial lawyers.

Goosmann Law Trial Lawyers:

Trial lawyers are a special breed who think quickly on their feet, who can break down a situation and a person in real time. Of course, they only get to the breaking the witness point by first breaking down the mountains of information lurking in the background of any legal battle.

Our reputation brings us the best, most complicated, bet-the-company cases.

It is hard to put your finger on what makes a great trial attorney, but one thing is definitely true. Although toughness of mind is important, it’s impossible to bring home wins if the jury does not like you.  The jury likes us.  Just look at our RESULTS!

What makes us unique? 

  • Creative Solutions

  • Results Driven

  • Focused on Client Goals

  • Aggressive & Experienced

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Trial Attorneys You Don’t Want To Face,

But Who You Definitely Want Working For You.

Trial, Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation

Providing trial, litigation, arbitration and mediation services at the intersection of Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota; Sioux City, Iowa.

The Goosmann Law Firm can work with you to resolve complex business disputes that include bet-the-company and precedent-setting cases. While not afraid to take a case to trial, we never lose sight of a client’s business goals.

Clients range from small businesses, professionals, commercial banks, industrial companies, insurance companies and non-profit organizations. Goosmann Law assists clients during the early stages of potential litigation by presenting reasonable alternatives, including mediation, arbitration, and other forms of dispute resolution. Goosmann Law handles matters efficiently, while bringing a fresh perspective to each case.

Business Disputes

When a contract is breached or a company is threatened, Goosmann Law is there. Our business lawyers handle cases involving allegations of interference with contracts, fraud, misrepresentations, dealership and franchise law, and various other claims. When a business is wronged or receives a claim, we use our legal instincts and business judgment to handle the situation.

Product Liability

Goosmann Law defends and advises clients in various matters involving investigations, enforcement actions, and private and mass action litigation based on toxic torts, strict liability, negligence, and environmental statutes and regulations. Even when limited to a single product or one-time occurrence, these cases can become complex, substantial, and challenging. Goosmann Law Firm is able to navigate you through the issues at hand.

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Trial Law Review

Trial Law Review

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