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Like our clients, Goosmann Law’s Telecommunications, Media, and Technology Practice is on the cutting edge. Our lawyers understand and appreciate the communications industry. Goosmann Law represents emerging telecommunications companies in the telephony industry, wireless companies, competitive service providers, telecommunications partners, equipment manufacturers, and large users of communications services.

The Goosmann Law Firm assists in merger and acquisition transactions, licensing proceedings, intercarrier agreements, legislative and regulatory policy issues, federal, state and local court litigation, notice and comment regulatory proceedings and other matters affecting media and telecom companies. We provide advice on changes in telecom law, regulations, and policies and share with our client how these changes may affect their bottom line. We work with our clients to identify significant regulatory developments, rather than just react to them.

Transmission Line Projects: Don’t Overlook the Permits

If you are going to be acting as a general contractor on a transmission line project, telecom law in a large number of federal, state and local permits may be required at various stages of the project.  Generally speaking, the permitting process becomes more expensive and time-consuming as the size of the project (in terms of geographic reach) increases.  Before bidding on a transmission line project, it is important for a general contractor to determine (1) who is responsible for obtaining the permits; (2) what permits are required; (3) what it will cost to obtain the permits; and (4) how long it will take to obtain the permits.

If a general contractor will be required to obtain specific permits relative to a transmission line project, the contractor should be aware of the associated costs and timelines and should take those factors into consideration when bidding on the project.

  • Federal Permits:  Various federal permits can be required on transmission line projects, including but not limited to a Federal Aviation Agency 7460 permit, a Clean Water Act 404 Permit, Federal Communication Commission licenses, and various easements and crossing permits.
  • State Permits:  Transmission line projects can implicate Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans, Iowa Department of Transportation permits, land crossing permits, and other clearances/permits.
  • Local Permits:  Several local permits can be required before working on a transmission line project, including but not limited to city and county road access permits, ingress/egress permits, railroad crossing permits, private land easements, utility line crossing permits, construction equipment licenses and permits, and permits related to the disposal of refuse, debris and waste.

The costs for obtaining permits can be substantial, and can take months to obtain.  If a general contractor has questions or concerns regarding these issues, the contractor should seek guidance from a lawyer and/or federal, state or local government officials.

Goosmann Law also provides counseling on a range of issues incidental to the operation of communication companies, including corporate, labor and employment law, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, lobbying and joint ventures. With lawyers handling matters in Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska, we’re in the middle of the telecommunications arena.

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