24-Hour Attorney in Sioux City, Iowa

The Goosmann Law Firm, PLC has an action plan in place to quickly respond to emergencies that arise from critical trade secret and intellectual property security breaches, employer restraining orders, theft, product recalls, product safety hazards, workplace mishaps and explosions or emergencies. We can help to assist with minimizing the losses associated with these occurrences. An attorney at the firm is available at all times for these types of situations. Having a rapid response emergency contact is very important to the security of an individual or business.

Serious situations require immediate action for management or the business owner. The Goosmann Law Firm, PLC will resourcefully pull together a team that will assess the facts, mitigate the loss, preserve evidence, interact with regulatory agencies and law officials, call upon experts and advise upon media responses.

If such an event transpires, please call our experienced emergency contact attorneys:

  • Attorney Jeana Goosmann directly on her cell phone at 712.251.2250
  • Attorney Anthony Osborn directly on his cell phone at 712.574.5125
  • Goosmann Law Firm, PLC office at 712.226.4000

You will be directed to an attorney that can quickly and efficiently assist you as a rapid response emergency contact, providing legal advice for your situation.