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Attorneys: Jeana L. Goosmann, Emilee Boyle Gehling,
Marie H. Ruettgers, Cesar A. Juarez

  • HR Consulting

    If your employee is pregnant, calls in sick over and over again and is out of PTO, what do you do?

  • Defense Claims

    If your employee threatens to sue the Company and is recovered from a work comp injury, do you have to take them back to work?

  • Non-Compete Agreements

    If you hire someone that is under a non-compete clause will you get in hot water?

  • Hiring & Firing Guidance

    If you terminated a C-Level Officer and now they sued you for board decisions spanning the last decade, do you know who you need?

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We are experienced, ready and willing to handle employment litigation and human resources advising.  We are on the employment defense panel of insurers.  We also represent several private companies in their HR disputes including staffing agencies. 

Goosmann Law successfully handles employment law litigation cases.  We know witnesses, business operations, and facts of cases matter.  We anticipate litigation and conduct investigations and attended Board meetings.

Goosmann Law, HR's First Call

What We Do. 

  • Employee policies
  • Employer best practice policies
  • Employee manuals
  • Employee management handbooks
  • Employment contracts
  • Employer interview techniques
  • Compensation systems
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Promotion policies
  • Development of employment training programs
  • Employee benefits and options
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • Executive compensation
  • Guidance on employee retention
  • Proprietary information handling
  • Human resource consulting
  • Diversity strategies
  • Company branding
  • Budget planning
  • Defense claims involving wage and hour, equal pay, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, unemployment compensation, disability, FMLA, and discrimination

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HR Lawyer on Your Side

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  • HIPAA and Workers Compensation, Lohrman CLE Presentation, Sioux City, IA – 2004
  • Effectively Passing the Gavel, American Bar Association National Conference, San Diego, CA – 2008
  • Social Networking & Employment Law, American Bar Association National Conference, New Orleans, LA – 2009
  • ABA Podcast “Entering Unknown Territory”, American Bar Association – 2011
  • Hiring and Firing and Issues In-Between, Employer’s Council of Iowa, Sioux City, IA – 2013
  • Hiring and Firing and Issues In-Between, Iowa State Bar Association Seminar, Okoboji, IA – 2013
  • Hiring and Firing and Issues In-Between, SHRM Annual Conference, Sioux City, IA – 2013