When the outcome of your case didn’t go the way you expected, you don’t have to tackle the appeals process alone. You need experienced lawyers as your trusted partner.

Our goal at Goosmann Law Firm is to solve your problem. If an important trial didn’t go your way, we can assist with your appeal. Our appellate lawyers have extensive experience appealing adverse judgments. Let us put that experience to work for you!

Why Goosmann?

Appeals cases are managed differently than trial law cases. Additional evidence is not presented during an appeal – the Appellate court will focus on the laws that apply to the case, not on the established facts that were presented during the trial. This means you need an attorney who has an expert understanding of the law surrounding your case and a trusted advisor that meet the challenges appeal cases present. Goosmann appellate attorneys are equipped to do so.

We Are Knowledgeable: We understand the differences between appellate and trial law cases. We are knowledgeable about appellate procedures, and we possess the legal research and persuasive writing skills needed to draft strategic legal briefs. Knowledge of the law and legal writing, the two main areas that will make or break your case! We excel in those areas.

We Have the Resources: Goosmann is a full-service law firm. We have access to all the resources we need to ensure your case is handled as effectively as possible.

We Are Efficient: Appeals cases require attorneys to conduct legal research specific to your case. We will get to work on your appeal immediately, and we will make sure to communicate with you regularly throughout the process.

We Understand Business: Goosmann attorneys work closely with many area businesses and large corporations and have experience in a variety of business industries. This means we l understand the nuances of your business’ appeal case and will provide strategy, execution, and results.

Meet Our Litigation Attorneys:

Jeana Goosmann

Anthony Osborn

Marie Ruettgers

Cesar Juarez